Arminio Nest Table

Rs. 55,000

A sleek & geometric multifunctional table, the Arminio table is a set of two nest table. Geometric and inviting, this table ideal for large interior setting looking for inviting and functional modern furniture. Finished in SS 304, the table features Arminio brown imported stone making is ideal for exclusive modern interiors

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  • Care/Instruction : Wipe clean with soft cloth
  • Category : Furniture
  • Sub-Category: Centre Table
  • Product in a set : 1
  • HCC Code : HCC-F677
  • Size : Table 1: Diameter 30" x Height 18" 
             Table 1: Diameter 750mm x Height 450mm

             Table 2: Diameter 18" x Height 24"
             Table 2: Diameter 450mm x Height 600mm 

  • HSN Code : 9403

             *Price is inclusive of GST and Delivery*